Create a Circular Economy

Circular Economy

What is a Circular Economy?

A Circular Economy means creating a world in which we keep resources in use as long as possible. A cyclical approach is applied to processes rather than the traditional linear approach, meaning what is extracted from the earth produces its maximum yield and then is regenerated back into society in a positive way. This may include how we use energy, food, waste, water, and how we can build products that create positive impacts for society, the environment, and the economy while optimizing efficiency and innovation. 

The Circular Process

Our circular process provides the full cycle of planning to product end of life using a phased approach. We provide strategic planning, sustainable sourcing, sustainable packaging, distribution, consumer use, and recovery options, while maximizing efficiency that achieves net positive impacts. 

Circular Economy Approach

  • Development: 

    • Sourcing/extracting natural resources

  • Sustainable Purchasing, Standards and Certifications:

    • Manufacturing/production

    • Distribution/packaging

    • Sales/marketing/service

  • Sustainable Consumption:

    • Individual and collective use

  • Materials and Resource Management:

    • Collection/sorting

    • Recovery of energy, recycling, reusing, composting, repurposing

  • Back to society in a positive way


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