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Climate Change

Adapt and Mitigate Climate Impacts

Sustainable Pacific helps organizations calculate, map, and plan for climate impacts. We calculate carbon footprints, map environmental resources, and provide GIS tools for project planning, education, natural resource protection, digitizing historical documents, and technology upgrades. 

Clean Energy

  • Map the distribution, supply and demand of clean energy resources.

  • Understand hot-spots of clean energy use compared to dead zones and learn about factors that could be influencing these areas.

  • Map underutilized resources and target/prioritize areas for development.


Carbon Assessment

  • We work with mainland partners to conduct full carbon assessments of emission inventory and stock.

  • Conduct high-level scope emissions data collection, calculations, tracking, and measuring ongoing performance.  

  • Create databases of historical datasets to compare with and learn from past projects.

  • Share data with constituents or stakeholders in dynamic, online maps and tools.



  • Provide training for businesses to integrate climate change into a variety of subjects, including natural resource management, business, planning, green energy, sustainability and cultural resource protection.


Supply Chain Management

  • Conduct supply chain analysis to assess your impacts, identify cost savings and gaps. 

  • Develop purchasing policies that support decreased emissions, energy, water, and waste impacts. 

  • Map zero waste sites online or in an app for customers to identify the most sustainable places and ways to get rid of unwanted things.


Cultural/Historical Preservation

  • Digitize historical maps and compare centuries of information in a single map.

  • Document land use changes over time.

  • Protect cultural sites by having clear boundaries and buffer zones.


Natural Resource Protection

  • Use GIS technology to track invasive, native, and endangered species.

  • Map and provide recommendations and actionable steps to greater protection. 

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