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Sustainability Leadership

& Training

We offer customized and standard workshops, classes, and training for leadership and employees. Our trainings can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your organization.


Sustainability Leadership


Sustainable Leadership: This workshop is a 1-2 day retreat specifically designed for a company's leadership team. It is a high level workshop for leaders that do not have time for graduate school but want to know all of the basics. The course covers everything a manager needs to know and be aware of with regard to leading a sustainable organization in today's world. It includes:

  • Foundational components of business and building concepts

  • Current models and frameworks for ESG metrics and reporting around the world

  • How to be a sustainable leader

  • How to integrate sustainability throughout your organization

  • Understanding sustainability from a system's perspective


Sustainability Coaching: This option if for individuals or a small group of leaders who want to learn more about day-to-day sustainability leadership. We set up monthly, quarterly, or annual plans to work with leaders to address current sustainability issues related to business, workforce, reporting, and facilities. Coaching sessions can be set up in person or via phone, Zoom, or Skype. 

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Corporate Training

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Green Buildings

Sustainability 101: This training provides sustainability basics for organizations beginning their journey. It can be for leadership, specific departments, employee groups, or company wide. It includes an overview of sustainability concepts, business models, and innovative technologies.

Sustainable Buildings: Learn how you can improve the health and sustainability of your building(s). This course covers the different green building rating systems available, cost savings from green buildings, building impacts, building health, and how to plan for more sustainable buildings.

Sustainable Business: This course provides foundational components for building and growing a sustainable company. We review the core principles, ESG metrics and reporting frameworks and models, facilities, and QBL impacts.

Customized Training Programs for employees: We provide training courses customized to fit the unique needs of your organization. 

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