Jennifer Chirico, PhD, MPH

Founder and CEO

Dr. Chirico combines 20 years of sustainability experience with her past work as a financial analyst to Fortune 500 companies. She holds a PhD in Environmental Policy, a Master's in Public Health (MPH), and a Bachelor's of Science in Management and Finance. Prior to founding Sustainable Pacific, she served as the Executive Director of the Sustainable Living Institute of Maui at the University of Hawai’i where she directed programs in sustainability across the university and served as a bridge for sustainability within the community and to other island nations. With a background in finance and management, she was a senior consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton and an investment consultant for Hewitt Associates where she analyzed and recommended investments for Fortune 500 companies.


Dr. Chirico is an adjunct professor in sustainability at Hawaii Pacific University in the Global Leadership and Sustainability Development masters program and at the University of Colorado Boulder in the Masters of the Environment Program. She was a certified international trainer for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and has completed trainings and certifications in CDP, LEED, Home Energy Survey Professional, and Water Sense. In 2017, she did a speaking tour in Europe for six months where she gave 15 presentations in 5 different countries, including the keynote speaker for the United Nations Global Compact in Slovenia, and the keynote at the International Management Conference in Italy. In 2015, she published the book "Thinking Like an Island: Navigating a Sustainable Future in Hawai'i" with the University of Hawai'i Press, and has published chapters in numerous books on sustainability related to systems thinking, adaptive management, and the United Nations Development Goals on Leadership for the Collective Wellbeing. 

Kristopher Wee, MA

Sustainability Manager

Mr. Wee serves as a Sustainability Manager. In this role, he is involved in a wide range of projects, including sustainability reporting and certifications, facilities operations, and process mapping. Kris holds an MA in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development with a professional certificate in Consulting at Hawai’i Pacific University and earned a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.  After completing his engineering degree, Mr. Wee served as an Operations Specialist in the United States Navy for nine years. He also spent time studying abroad in China. His goal is to empower entrepreneurs through the quadruple bottom line approach, while also incorporating the foundational knowledge and lessons learned from his coursework and experiences into early levels of education.

Sarah McLane Bryan, MS

GIS Manager / Sustainability Coordinator

Sarah McLane Bryan has a long background in environmental sustainability, planning and coordination. Prior to SPC, she worked for two years as the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Educational Specialist where she built and managed a statewide GIS training and jobs program for the University of Hawai'i Maui College. She is also a GIS Analyst, Remote Sensing technician, conservationist, and project manager. With a Master’s Degree in Geography, specializing in GIS and Remote Sensing, her experience includes creating invasive species habitat models and wildfire prevention plans for the West Maui Mountains Watershed Partnership. She was also the first Executive Director for the Maui Nui Marine Resource Council, and helped to pass legislation in Maui County to protect our marine resources. Mrs. Bryan is a 2011 Ka Ipu Kukui Leadership Fellow, she holds the longest-standing officer seat on the Maui Conservation Alliance, and is the Vice President of Nā Koa Manu Conservation. She is also on the board for the Hawaii Geographic Information Coordinating Council (HIGICC) and Mālama Maui Nui.

Wesley Crile, MA

Sustainability Consultant

Lauren Blickley, MS

From helping island communities in Micronesia more effectively manage their marine and terrestrial resources, to building sustainable tourism partnerships in Southern Africa, Wes has worked worldwide to implement creative solutions to environmental and social problems that meet the needs of people as well as the environment. With his background in environmental and social sustainability, Wes has worked for the last five years to restore degraded landscapes and prevent land based pollution to the ocean, while bringing back the natural ecosystem functions and services of degraded landscapes. His passion for effective community planning and watershed management has allowed him to build trust and partnerships within the conservation community, government agencies, and private companies. His vision is to build truly sustainable communities that promote healthy land uses, healthy ecosystems, and a healthy community.

Materials Resource Specialist

Lauren is a materials resource specialist with a focus on helping organizations achieve zero waste and B Corp certifications. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in marine science and biology from the University of Miami, and a Master of Environmental Science Degree from the University of Santa Barbara, California. She has spent nearly a decade supporting private businesses in improving their environmental impacts and reaching their sustainability goals, in addition to conducting environmental outreach and education. She has also championed local policies and legislation that focus on a holistic approach to waste management. Her experience promoting sustainable initiatives, particularly plastic waste reduction, extends to private companies, non-profits, and community-based programs. She served as Chair of the Surfrider Foundation Maui Chapter Executive Board (2012-2014), and as the Rise Above Plastics Campaign Coordinator (2014-2016). 

Anette Marie Nystrøm

Environmental Health Specialist

Anette is a global environmental health specialist. She works on sustainability assessments and healthy buildings. Last year, she accompanied SPC President to conference presentations around Europe, as well as conducted research on the next book. Anette is a Norwegian graduate student in the MA Global Leadership and Sustainable Development program at Hawaii Pacific University. She spent many years abroad and has experience with sustainability work in various contexts and countries. She has a background in public health nutrition and food policy, including experiences with sustainability work at the World Health Organization HQ in Geneva, Switzerland, and scientific research with the Medical Research Council in Cambridge, UK. Sustainable development has been a core focus during her previous education and work, and she is particularly inspired by holistic thinking and how collaborative approaches can address the multifaceted nature of current sustainability challenges.

Kamalei Lee

Design Specialist

Born and raised in Hawai'i, Kamalei is committed to the sustainability of the islands. She serves as a Design Specialist for SPC. In this role, she is involved in managing the graphic design and visual communications for various sustainability projects. Kamalei holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Public Relations from the University of La Verne in Southern California and attended Kamehameha Schools in Hawai'i. She is currently working towards her Masters Degree in Public Health. Kamalei is fueled by her passion to make Hawai‘i a more cohesive, self-sustainable community for current and future generations.


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