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Sustainable Pacific Supports Green Sports Movement at Lahainaluna High School Athletics

Sustainable Pacific has been working with Lahainaluna High School’s athletics program for the last few years to adopt sustainability practices at its sporting events and venues. Part of this effort was helping to launch the Lahainaluna Athletics Green Initiative (LAGI). LAGI is based on the movement started by the Green Sports Alliance and hopes to increase sustainability throughout sports in Hawaiʻi. LAGI is piloting several sustainability initiatives including:

  • The first zero-waste stadium in Hawaii

  • Responsible purchasing for concessions

  • Biodegradable and compostable food ware

  • Preferred parking for kupuna, people with disabilities, carpool, and fuel-efficient vehicles

  • Energy efficient lighting and equipment

  • Low-flow water fixtures

  • Reduced water by using artificial field turf

  • Exploring using locally-grown food as much as possible

With support from the school administrators, coaches, student boarding department, and community, LAGI implemented its first sustainability initiative to create a zero-waste program at its new stadium with the goal of diverting at least 90% of its waste from the landfill. Susty Pacific team members, CRO Kainoa Casco and intern Alex Pinto, are leading the project.

Check out the lastest article by the Maui News and learn how LHS is leading the way for high schools in Hawaii.

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