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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint - Sustainable Pacific Provides CDP Services in Hawaiʻi

We all know by now that green house gasses (GHGs) contribute to climate change and further environmental degradation. Sustainable Pacific is committed to reducing GHGs and helping companies reduce their carbon footprint. We recently completed trainings to provide Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reports. CDP is a non-profit organization with a mission to “motivate companies and cities to disclose their environmental impacts, giving decision makers the data they need to change market behavior.”

The CDP organization works with investors to reveal the risks in their portfolios and thousands of companies to help them tackle climate change, water use, forest degradation, and supply chain impacts. CDP sends requests to companies and asks them to complete a CDP report that is publicly available. It is the most widely used framework in the world for disclosing carbon emissions. Learn more about CDP here:

Sustainable Pacific is excited to work with companies in Hawaiʻi and around the Pacific to develop their CDP reports, reduce their carbon emissions, and transform businesses to prevent climate change and protect our natural resources.

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