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Maui Energy Conference puts Spotlight on Hawaiʻi's 100% Renewable Energy Goal

Another year has passed, and the Maui Energy Conference is upon us again. This year, energy professionals and stakeholders from across the U.S. will come together to learn about the latest advances in clean energy in Hawaiʻi. The focus this year is on how Hawaiʻi plans to achieve its goal of having 100% renewable energy by 2045. Susty Pacific co-founder, Jennifer Chirico, will be serving on the panel, “Maui: A Case Study – Is this where we’re all headed?” The panel will respond to questions by presenters from the Big Island, Boulder, Colorado, and Maui’s own utility who will present potential options for the best resource mix and governance structure to achieve the 100% RPS.

Please join us and learn the latest news and developments in clean energy in Hawaiʻi:

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