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What is GRI Sustainability Reporting?

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is the most widely used international sustainability reporting framework in the world. The framework provides support for organizations to publicly report on their triple bottom line--environmental, social, and economic impacts. Over 80% of public companies are engaged in sustainability reporting. To date, almost 40,000 sustainability reports have been produced from over 90 countries, with over 60% using GRI.

Through partnerships with worldwide organizations such as the UN Global Compact, and UNEP, GRI works to continually update the GRI Standards, an internationally recognized method to measure how businesses impact the environment, society and economy, in other words their sustainability.

Watch this quick 3 minute video highlighting the Future of Sustainability Reporting from the GRI Sustainability and Reporting 2025 Forum.

GRI is used by corporations, governments, non-governmental organizations, consultancies, accountancy organizations, business associations, rating agencies, universities, and research institutes.

Sustainable Pacific Consulting (SPC) is the only Hawaii-based organization that helps local businesses and organizations use the GRI standards and increase their sustainability performance.Our goal is to increase the use of sustainability reporting so that organizations can work to create positive social, environmental, and economic impacts for the local community and beyond.

Click here to watch a short video about the GRI Standards and what they cover.

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