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ISO - another acronym that shows Hawaiʻi's commitment to Sustainability

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) may be something you have never heard of, but it is making its impact known here in Hawai‘i. Sustainable Pacific Consulting (SPC) has been working with the IUCN’s World Conservation Congress to help get their event certified as an ISO Sustainable Event.

ISO standards are unique in that they are recognized worldwide. As an independent, non-governmental international organization, they bring together experts from 164 standards bodies to develop voluntary, consensus-based, market relevant International Standards that support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges.

Watch this quick video about how ISO standards can impact your community.

Here are some numbers from the 2015 ISO work



Sustainable Pacific Consulting (SPC) will be working with ISO standard - ISO 20121 Sustainable Event Certification (ISO20121) – to make the World Conservation Congress (WCC) as sustainable as possible. This particular standard includes protocols for actors at all stages of event planning, including organizers, event owners, workforce, supply chain and participants. It can also be flexible for different sized events and in different locales, helping to monitor and measure the costs of using different kinds of resources.

SPC will be helping the WCC to achieve this standard in order to make this international event a success for Hawai‘i and to showcase our local sustainability efforts in a way that will be an example for other international events.

For more information on the ISO20121 standard,visit this site.

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