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Sustainable Pacific takes the Zero Waste Challenge

Anette M Nystrøm, an intern with SPC put this daily challenge beautifully: "It is crucial to consciously make habits, and incorporate small adjustments into daily life. In my experience, consumption can often be mindless and it is so easy to create a lot of waste, especially if you live in a city. I think challenges such as these very well illustrate how difficult it can be, and it made me think and try to look for new ways to go about my day. One has to get a bit creative! I believe that if people become just a little more conscious about consumption habits and waste, it can truly make a big difference overall."

On June 5th, Sustainable Pacific Consulting employees joined over 12,000 people worldwide to take steps to reduce their waste, during the Zero Waste Challenge, sponsored by ISS and UNEP.

We asked our employees to track some of the ways that they reduced their waste during the day and share it on social media. Here is a roll-up of some of the strategies they used to get closer to Zero Waste:

1. Buying local in bulk and filling your own jars and canisters at home can help you save money too!. Plus composting any food waste can significantly lower your trash output that goes to the landfill.

2. Bringing your own grocery bag, spork, reusable mug or using cloth towels instead of paper napkins or paper towels.

3. Growing your own vegetables and fruit saves you money and it means you never have to use a grocery bag!

4. Using technology - for example iZettle for card payments (do not print receipts), or using digital handouts/printouts at work can save paper.

5. Carpooling or biking to work can save tons of energy!

Going Zero Waste can seem daunting if you look at everything you do, but changing even small wasted items in your daily routine can make a huge difference.

Check out this graphic from the Zero Waste Campaign that details how you can make small changes throughout your workday:

The results from across the globe will be posted on the Zero Waste Challenge website ( on June 12th.

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