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Story Map of the UN Sustainable Development Goals & GIS at SPC

Confused about what "Sustainability" actually means in the real world? Don't want to read a 100 page report about it? Check out this new StoryMap that showcases each of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in a way that is easy to understand. Click on the maps to learn about each of the indicators, where there is need and why we should care!

UN Sustainable Development Goals StoryMap

This is also a great example of how Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can be used in your sustainable business goals, and how StoryMaps can be used to show your journey towards sustainability.

We are now offering GIS services, including the creation of these beautiful StoryMaps, to help you track your data and present it in innovative and impactful ways.

For more information on our new GIS services, please visit our GIS Services Page.

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