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Are you lost when it comes to Sustainable Development and your business? Enter the SDG Compass tool

This month the UN Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) reached its two year anniversary. While they are still relatively young, they are making a big splash in the global market and economy. World leaders and the media are suggesting that the goals might surpass other reporting mechanisms and standards.

When you are a business, setting 17 goals and 169 targets can be a bit daunting. The latest tool - called theSDG Compass- explains how the SDGs affects your business – offering you the tools and knowledge to put sustainability at the heart of your business strategy.

Developed by some of the most prestigious groups that measure sustainability (GRI, World Business Council for Sustainable Development), this guide is meant to support companies in aligning their strategies with the SDGs and help them to measure and manage their contribution.

The SDG Compass presents five steps for companies to maximize their contribution to the SDGs. Companies can apply the five steps to set or align their course, depending on where they are on the journey of ensuring that sustainability is an outcome of core business strategy.

Check out the new SDG Compass tool here!

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