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Dr. Jennifer Chirico Keynote Speaker at the Management International Conference in Venice, Italy, an

Dr. Jennifer Chirico speaking at the Management International Conference in Venice, Italy, May, 2017

SPC’s founder and president, Dr. Jennifer Chirico, was the invited keynote speaker for the United Nations Global Compact and IEDC-Bled Bled School of Management Conference in Slovenia and at the Management International Conference in Venice in May, 2017. The focus of her presentations were on what she calls a “paradigm shift” in international business. She says the new model reflects an integrative management approach toward “living” companies.

Recent research illustrates that organizations with missions and goals to provide positive social, environmental, and economic impacts are the ones prospering in international business. Sustainability models that understand and view organizations from a holistic, integrated, interrelated system are being applied to business management strategies to create greater resiliency and long-term success.

These organizations are at the forefront of the new management paradigm. Creating a strong sustainability model, and transforming business through positive community impacts, is being embraced by the market and society as the new, most resilient and prosperous path forward.

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