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Save Money and Resources with Beer

Brewer's Association Sustainability Hierarchy

Who knew that you could make beer while also saving money and resources, and supporting people and the environment? Sustainable Pacific is thrilled to work with breweries to help them do well by doing good for the planet.

New Belgium brewing company is an excellent example of a sustainable brewery. Their new brewing facility is TRUE Certified, a Zero Waste Certification through the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and they are one of 12 breweries to become a Certified B Corp, which is the highest standard of sustainability for businesses. As Patagonia CEO, Rose Marcario, said: "The B Corp movement is one of the most important of our lifetime, built on the simple fact that business impacts and serves more than just shareholders—it has an equal responsibility to the community and to the planet."

Through working with breweries in the U.S., we have developed a unique sustainability assessment tool for identifying areas to build a more sustainable organization. We also provide assistance for attaining certifications. Please contact us if you would like help in becoming a standout sustainable brewery!

SPC on site at a local microbrewery

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