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Benefit Impact Value: Finding Resiliency During Transformational Times

What does it mean to be resilient during today’s turbulent times?

How long does it take to bounce back after an environmental, social, or economic disturbance?

SPC believes that focusing on resiliency is the key to long-term sustainability. This can be achieved by building a solid foundation for sustainability through dedicated planning, organization-wide sustainability policies, and supply chain impact analysis. Research has found that companies who institutionalize sustainability from an organizational perspective have greater long-term success with regard to creating positive economic, societal, and environmental impacts and 4% higher profits (Eccles, Ioannou, Serafeim, 2012).

SPC provides clients with organizational sustainability expertise on the following building practices and policies:

  • Developing sustainable purchasing policies using national and international criteria and certifications

  • Organizational sustainability policies that that facilitate the institutionalization of how the organization will operate from a sustainability perspective (managing supplies, human and natural resources, long-term vision and mission), and

  • Certification and framework planning and development, which may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Plan for and develop a sustainability report using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

  • Plan, develop materials, and apply to become a Certified Benefit (“B”) Corp

  • Develop practices to become a zero waste organization and/or become Zero Waste Certified through the US Zero Waste Business Council

  • Track and report on carbon emissions through the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

  • Provide recommendations on online software systems for tracking sustainability metrics and measuring performance over time

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