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How we align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Pacific is committed to helping organizations carry out the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We help organizations align and carry out their sustainability vision and mission with the SDGs, as well as other state and local goals.

As a sustainability consulting company, we share alignment with all of the SDGs, though we are more directly aligned and seek to help achieve the following SDGs through our services and activities:

#3 Good Health and Well-Being: We work with organizations on developing wellness plans and provide education on healthy environmental indoor quality.

#4 Quality Education: We provide multiple educational programs in sustainability to academic and corporate institutions.

#5 Gender Equality: We promote diversity and ensure fair wages.

#6 Clean Water and Sanitation: We work with organizations to create water efficiency and reduction goals, and work with our strategic water experts to implement new and clean water technologies.

#7 Affordable and Clean Energy: We help organizations develop clean energy plans, conduct energy audits, track performance metrics, and work on large-scale energy management projects to implement the latest and most affordable clean energy technology.

#11 Sustainable Cities and Communities: We work with developers, government, and other organizations to develop sustainability plans for cities, towns, and communities.

#12 Responsible Consumption and Production: Zero Waste is one of our primary services that we believe leads to a cleaner environment and better health for everyone. We help organizations develop zero waste plans, policies, performance metrics, and facilitate zero certifications.

#13 Climate Action: Emissions are a large part of ensuring long-term sustainability. We help clients determine their carbon footprint, track and measure emissions over time, develop carbon reports, and create climate change plans.

#14 Life Below Water: With our headquarters in Hawaii, an island state, we believe everyone should have access to clean and healthy oceans. We work with organizations on water pollutant monitoring, GIS mapping, and partner with groups to clean up our shores and water.

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