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How to Prepare for Climate Change

Climate change is here. The evidence is irrefutable today. Our carbon footprint is at an all time high. Our overall Green House Gas Emissions continue to rise. From Greta to NASA to the Paris Accord, we cannot continue to deny the effects this rise has on the environment and humanity. If anyone still doubts the exponential rise, check out the NASA Global Climate Change site.

How does climate change affect us as a population, community, business? There are the obvious effects of shrinking glaciers and accelerated sea level rise. But we will also see plant and animal changes, longer, more intense heat waves, more intense droughts, more infectious diseases, the loss of coastal towns and cities, and the list goes on. All of these changes will have a huge economic, societal, and environmental cost.

Planning for climate change and creating resiliency plans has never been more urgent or important as it is today. As a Hawaii-based company in a remote island chain, we are on high alert of the potential effects if we do not curb our emissions. We encourage businesses and government to act now, to do your part in reducing your emissions, and working together to change the tides.

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