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Purpose and Profit: "Sustainability should be the new standard for investing"

As a Certified B Corp, our mission is to set a standard for responsible business around the world, showing that a different economic system exists--that businesses can be a force for good, and that we can create positive environmental and social benefits while also making profits.

This message was reiterated loud and clear this year by BlackRockʻs CEO, Larry Fink. In a letter to clients and CEOs, Mr. Fink wrote that "sustainability should be the new standard for investing." In the investment world, sustainability is often referred to as ESG: Environmental, Social, Governance. ESG has become a core practice at most investment firms around the world. It means focusing on investments that provide positive impacts to stakeholders (employees, customers, vendors, our local and global communities) rather than only to shareholders. It includes strengthening sustainability in the investment process, increasing transparency, and investing in companies that create positive impacts. Wall Street is shifting its understanding to "purpose is the engine of long-term profitability." If there is any doubt, check out the increase in ESG investing over the last 20 years. We are seeing exponential growth. People care more today than ever about putting their money into businesses that are ethically responsible.

At SPC, we have been baselining, tracking, and measuring the performance of ESG metrics for our clients since we opened our doors in 2013. We believe that helping our clients build processes for their products and services that create positive benefits, while also making a profit so they can continue to stay in business, is our purpose and our approach to serving the greater good.

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