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New Report: Geos Institute and Sustainable Pacific Publish Climate and Community Trends Primer

If climate change hasn't affected you yet, it will. Most people have already experienced the effects of our changing climate with increased temperatures, increased severe storms, sea level rise, droughts, floods, and more. As a remote island community, Hawaiʻi is at risk and faces many vulnerabilities to its natural resources, people, and infrastructure.

The Climate and Community Trends Primer developed by Geos Institute and Sustainable Pacific provides community characteristics for Maui County (the islands of Maui, Molokai, Lʻānai, and Kahoʻolawe) combined with local knowledge, cultural expertise, and stakeholders involved in planning and maintaining community systems. It serves as a background for developing a countywide vulnerability assessment to inform the countyʻs Climate Action and Resiliency Plan, which will be complete by the end of 2022.

Learn more about climate change, resiliency, and sustainability in Maui County here.

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