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Hyatt Regency Maui Achieves Zero Waste Certification

Hyatt Regency Maui (HRM) was awarded the US Green Building Council (USGBC) TRUE Zero Waste Precertification on September 18, 2020. HRM is the first resort in Hawaii, and the first large-scale resort in the world, to achieve this award.

HRMʻs zero waste journey began in 2018, with consulting support from Sustainable Pacific. As part of this effort, HRM set up 3-bin waste systems throughout the resort to divert recyclables and organics, engaged pig farmers for food waste, donated extra food to local food shelters, sent used cooking oil to Pacific Biodiesel, created a sustainable purchasing policy to reduce waste packaging, and donated all used equipment and furnishings to charities or liquidation outlets. Within 2 years, HRM was able to increase its diversion from the Maui Landfill from 40% to almost 80%.

HRM diverted over 5 million pounds of waste from the Maui landfill during its recent resort renovation by Sterling Development Services 2019-2020. Over 1716 tons of furniture, artwork, mattresses, bedding, mirrors, and more were donated to local charities and businesses. HRM refurbished 351 cast iron tubs instead of disposing of them. More than 750 tons of metals were recycled, which included air conditioning units, aluminum railings, aluminum corridors, and copper pipping that were sent to the a local metals recycling vendor.

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