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Our team has worked internationally to research and bring the most innovative sustainability strategies to our clients. We take our mission seriously and we love helping companies do well by doing good for the world.


Caleb Wittenmyer, MS

Managing Principal

Caleb Wittenmeyer has over 15 years of experience in environmental management and sustainability. He has worked across the Hawaiian islands leading programs and projects in natural resource management and conservation since 2006. He holds a Master’s degree in Protected Area Management from James Cook University in Australia and a Bachelors of Science in Wildlife Management from Ohio State University. His experience includes managing operations and field teams, developing sustainable performance management techniques, building community partnerships, managing grants and contracts, and developing spatial and GIS data for land management, clean energy, carbon emissions, and waste and water resources. Previously he worked for The Nature Conservancy for 12 years, Ko‘olau Mountains Watershed Partnership, Haleakalā National Park on Maui with the Endangered Species Management Team, and with SWCA Environmental Consultants as a botanist. Caleb specializes in providing technical and scientific guidance across field operations, data collection and analysis, planning, and technical reporting.


Shayna Casupang

Sustainability Coordinator

Shayna was born and raised on Oahu. She graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology where she majored in Forensic Chemistry. Her interest in the STEM field began in high school. She always enjoyed learning about science and in particular she took a liking to chemistry. She became interested in how forensic chemistry could extend to environmental problems. To further discover the environmental side, Shayna interned with Kamehameha Schools Sustainability where she compiled resources on water, energy, waste, and land resources and worked on mapping different sites. At Sustainable Pacific, she coordinates data collection, tracking, and analyzing sustainability metrics and KPIs. She hopes to continue to pursue a career in chemistry and protect the world’s natural resources. Shayna spends her spare time playing soccer and reading.


Abby Kingsley

Sustainability Manager

Abby serves as the energy data lead for projects. She collects, analyzes, reports, and tracks data to further clean energy initiatives with clients. Her work includes global experience in economic development working abroad in South Africa and Spain. As a second-year Master’s student at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), her course work primarily focuses on renewable energy and sustainability policy implementation. In doing so, she has gained a globalized perspective on the net-zero movement. As an undergraduate majoring in Economics and Political Science at Texas Christian University, she also studied abroad, which sparked an interest in economic development and sustainability that has continued to this day.  She applies her knowledge and experience in global sustainability as a driver to also promote economic development and community engagement.


Scott Fisher, PhD, MA

Cultural and Natural Resource Consultant

Dr. Fisher grew up in Kula, Maui and at age 17 enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, serving in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait during the first Gulf War, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Panama and Japan. After his discharge, he studied in Colorado, Indiana and Australia. Scott’s graduate work includes an M.A. in peace studies with a concentration in native Hawaiian strategies of peacemaking and reconciliation. His Ph.D. explored the dynamics of post-conflict recovery in a civil war on the island of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, with a particular emphasis on sustainable peacemaking related to conflicts over natural resources. Scott also holds a graduate certificate in Ecological Restoration. During the summer months from 2017-2020 Scott was a visiting fellow at the University of Leicester conducting research into the relationship between ecological restoration, ecosystem resilience and palaeoecology.

Since 2003 Scott has worked for the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (HILT; initially with its predecessor the Maui Coastal Land Trust). He currently serves as Chief Conservation Officer for the land trust on Maui, O`ahu, Kaua`i and Hawa`i, Island, on HILT’s 19,500 acres of protected land. In this capacity he leads all aspects of the ecological restoration and land protection work conducted by the Land Trust. In addition to his work with the land trust, since 2019 Scott has worked as a consultant with the Mikajy (Restoration) project in Menabe Province, Madagascar, where he is assisting with the ecological restoration of coastal dunes and mangrove wetlands along Madagascar’s west coast. At the University of Hawai`i, Maui, Scott teaches a course titled Tradition and Sustainability, which explores indigenous Hawaiian sustainability practices and strategies. Scott also serves on the Maui/Lana‘i Island Burial Council and the Friends of Haleakala National Park.


Darla Palmer-Ellingson

Communications Coordinator

Growing up in Oregon, Darla learned about living sustainably from her father, who started a residential solar energy company in the 1970s. When not outdoors exploring the Pacific Northwest, Darla spent her early career working in network and community television, from producer and director roles to station manager. Landing on Maui as a young adult, she extended her passion for the outdoor environment by learning to sail and scuba dive, studying and publishing articles about the area’s history and culture. Darla has held notable business roles, including consulting on and managing several significant startups, providing change management services and company revitalization projects in Hawaii and U.S. mainland. She has been the communications lead in the private and nonprofit sectors, with strong community and government collaboration. Darla also designs websites and provides content for the web, social and traditional media, including publishing articles on new technology.​ In the past few years, Darla merged her professional communication skills with her passion for renewable energy and climate crisis awareness. She completed an intensive Climate Reality Leadership Training with former Vice President Al Gore; Became a founding director for a citizen’s advisory committee that supports the County of Maui Climate Action Resiliency and Environment committee; and, Produces and hosts a statewide public affairs radio program on environmental topics. Darla holds degrees in media production and engineering, and has B.A. in Professional Communications with a minor in Environmental Studies. She lives with her husband and Labrador retriever on a small farm on the edge of the rainforest in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii.


Sarah Bryan

GIS Manager

Sarah McLane Bryan has a long background in environmental sustainability, planning and coordination. Prior to SPC, she worked for two years as the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Educational Specialist where she built and managed a statewide GIS training and jobs program for the University of Hawai'i Maui College. She is also a GIS Analyst, Remote Sensing technician, conservationist, and project manager. With a Master’s Degree in Geography, specializing in GIS and Remote Sensing, her experience includes creating invasive species habitat models and wildfire prevention plans for the West Maui Mountains Watershed Partnership. She was also the first Executive Director for the Maui Nui Marine Resource Council, and helped to pass legislation in Maui County to protect our marine resources. Mrs. Bryan is a 2011 Ka Ipu Kukui Leadership Fellow, she holds the longest-standing officer seat on the Maui Conservation Alliance, and is the Vice President of Nā Koa Manu Conservation. She is also on the board for the Hawaii Geographic Information Coordinating Council (HIGICC) and Mālama Maui Nui.

Jordan Lee (1).jpg

Kamalei Lee

Design Specialist

Born and raised in Hawai'i, Kamalei is committed to the sustainability of the islands. She serves as a Design Specialist for SPC. In this role, she is involved in managing the graphic design and visual communications for various sustainability projects. Kamalei holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Public Relations from the University of La Verne in Southern California and attended Kamehameha Schools in Hawai'i. She is currently working towards her Masters Degree in Public Health. Kamalei is fueled by her passion to make Hawai‘i a more cohesive, self-sustainable community for current and future generations.

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